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In our modern world, digital digitization or imaging is becoming increasingly vital to organizations for improving work processes and productivity. We simplify complex documentation exchanges. Our scanning services convert your files from hardcopy format into useable electronic data. This useable electronic data can be transferred to a digital archive with the capacity for easy online retrieval. ORBL carries out the imaging your documents in highly secure, specialized rooms. We use high-performance scanners, dedicated computer work stations and advanced software.


Advantages of Digitizing Documents

There are countless benefits of digitizing documents if you scan and digitize a document. Benefits includes:

  • Create a secure backup of all your paper files
  • Share or transfer in no time
  • Share securely − either as an encrypted URL or as an attachment
  • Access documents instantly
  • Allow multiple users to access the same document any time
  • Secure sensitive documents from unauthorized access
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Eliminate chaos of lost files
  • Increase productivity of staff members
  • Search within a very short span of time, using the key words
  • Version maintain in case of file update
  • Compatible with all the modes of data transfer digitally

Document Scanning Options

Our expert team will either collect the documents from your office or - if they are already stored with us - take them from your existing archive. Alternatively, all scanning can take place at your own premises.

Scanning Preparation
Once received, This first step consists of determining the quality of the documents to be scanned, sorting them and removing the staples, paper clips or binders, if needed by our scanning specialists.

Using state-of-the-art scanning equipment, our scanning specialists can digitize any type of document to the requested resolution and format.

Delivery and Storage
Once scanning has been completed, our scanning specialists resolve any remaining identified issues and then the files are compiled for delivery of the data including DVD, secure email or SFTP.

Document Scanning Options

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Selective File Scanning

Our Scan-on-demand service is used by many of our document storage clients as a quick and easy alternative to physical document delivery. This option saves clients from scanning entire archives and instead gives them cost effective digital copies of their files and records as they need them.

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Large Scale Digitization Of Records

Often chosen by organizations with large volumes of historical physical records, this option allows clients to convert entire archives into searchable digital records. Clients benefit from improved compliance, and authorization control. For additional security many clients will choose to keep a digital backup of their archive in our secure media vault.

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Digitization Of Confidential Records

Ideal for clients who handle sensitive or confidential documents that must stay onsite for security reasons. In these instances, ORBL can provide the necessary hardware and personnel to quickly and affordably create an electronic archive, allowing clients to maintain control of their records and eliminating the need to pack and ship documents.

Why Use Orogenic's Document Digitization Services ?

Investing in the digitizing services offered by ORBL is undoubtedly beneficial. The reasons are −

  • Quality Control that is unique in the industry - We offer many levels of service to ensure that you get your data your way.
  • Interim Access - During the imaging process, we will respond to all document retrieval requests and give you the option of receiving your data in its original or scanned form.
  • Relatively affordable - As compared to the other document digitization solutions, available in the market, ORBL is relatively affordable.
  • Backup Storage Options - We can transfer images to a cloud storage service, flash drive, or store a copy in our Media Vault as backup. We also offer offsite paper storage in our secure records centers for the original copies.
  • 25 years of experience - We are working on document digitization for a long time. Nowadays ORBL has been recognized as a pioneer, leading the industry of managed document services.

Quality and service are the foundations of all of our document management solutions. While some high volume document imaging companies focus only on quantity, we strike the perfect balance between quantity and quality.