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Content management and electronic archiving constitute a comprehensive set of solutions that address the entire information lifecycle management of your documents and data, both electronic and paper-based.

Nowadays, electronic archiving is inevitable and it has to be well managed. There are a number of options when it comes to document management. Luckily, DocuWare, is the best-fit document management and workflow automation solution for teams and organizations of any size. If you are one of the many people looking into how to manage your documents electronically, DocuWare is the solution most organizations trust.

DocuWare is one of the world’s leading document management software companies. Its products are available in 90 countries and 16 languages, with over 12,000 users. The company, founded in 1988 operates worldwide from Germering near Munich, Germany, and from New Windsor, New York, with subsidiaries in the U.K., Spain and France.

What to Expect:

A secure document pool for your organization
Banish shared network drives and email folders for document storage
Work towards a paperless office: Reduce print, scan and storage costs
Store directly from email – No more printing attachments
Assist with GDPR Compliance
Transparency of document processes and workload
Easy collaboration and version control of shared documents
A simple way to process, track and deal with business expenses, purchase order requisitions, HR
on-boarding and holiday requests
A customer or supplier portal to upload invoices etc.
Bespoke user access permissions
Digital workflows for approval processes
Suitable for wide range of industries, departments and processes
Mobile access to documents
Bespoke Integrations into 3rd Party Applications


Flexible deployment options

DocuWare Cloud

TWith DocuWare Cloud, you get full use of our content services as an uncompromising SaaS solution, without worrying about server hardware, complex IT Responsibilities or high initial investment.

DocuWare Cloud is available with flexible licenses for different sizes of enterprise and offers you maximum security, scalability and availability. Automatic updates and backups ensure that your system is always up to date. Every subscription includes the full range of features, including Intelligent Indexing, Workflow Manager, DocuWare Forms and all other applications. You only have to decide how many user licenses and how much storage you need.

Preconfigured cloud solutions

If your business has strong IT resources of its own, it may make sense to deploy and maintain your document management and workflow solution with other applications in your own data center. DocuWare supports Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases in multiple load-sharing configurations.

Depending on the requirements and size of your enterprise, choose the right server license for you and expand the included standard functions with additional modules if required.

DocuWare as an on-premises solution

Very fast, targeted entry into office automation is made possible by our pre- configured solutions for specific teams or key applications such as invoice processing or digital files and workflows in personnel management.

Instead of planning the digitization of these processes yourself and configuring an “empty” DocuWare system, you start with a best practice solution based on DocuWare Cloud that you can adapt to your own requirements in just a few steps. Implementation usually takes no longer than a few days. With every preconfigured solution you get the full range of DocuWare Cloud services.

Flexible integration methods

A hybrid model is another possibility, combining services in the cloud with local on-premises software.

For example, DocuWare Cloud can be used as document storage backup for a local system, or an on-premises system can use Intelligent Indexing in the cloud, or a DocuWare Cloud deployment can integrate with an on-premises ERP.

Information moves smoothly and seamlessly without compromising productivity.

Integration capabilities

Provide seamless flow of information between applications, departments and teams through flexible, secure and holistic integration.

Docuware is built to work within your IT ecosystem. With 500 different integrations across email, team portals, CRM, ERP, HR systems, homegrown software and more, our success speaks for itself. Docuware also integrates with key business hardware like scanners and multifunction devices for effortless conversion of paper to digital.

Connect DocuWare with:

Flexible integration methods

Smart Connect: Access archived documents from any program with one click. An easy to configure button makes it possible.

URL: Embed URL links to DocuWare elements like documents, lists or search dialogs in any application.

Connect-to modules: Use Connect-to-Modules for a seamless integration with corporate applications like SAP, Outlook, SharePoint or with your MFPs from Toshiba, Ricoh, Sharp, OKI and Xerox.

Platform Service: Use the REST-based gateway to DocuWare and integrate via XML or JSON. (For example, reveal DocuWare file cabinets in the interface of a third-party application.)

Autoindex: Reuse existing categorization criteria and search words in your IT system for automatic indexing of your documents.

DocuWare Printer: Print documents from any program directly into your digital archive, including automatic indexing from your document’s content. FOR DETAILS


Docuware is the platform that empowers you to capture, process and use your business information. Keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organization, and protect data and documents with secure, centralized archiving.

Capture and organize information

Docuware captures information from a broad range of sources, enabling automated import and indexing routines enable structured data entry without manual effort.

Process documents and manage workflows

Docuware sorts, distributes and links information to drive important decision-making processes. Teams across all departments can use these modern tools for quick, transparent and effective workflows.

Access and view content for decision-making

DocuWare provides your team the right information for productive processes and fast, effective decision-making..

Data protection and information security

Docuware offers a sophisticated digital infrastructure to secure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Control what happens to your documents and data and be sure that they be captured, processed and stored securely against misuse and loss.

  • Data storage and workflows: Digitization with DocuWare means traceability and transparency. Logging and analysis functions give you control over document versions, changes and workflows. Tightly regulated processes protect against data loss, fraud and dead-end workflows.
  • Access rights: Access to documents and workflow information in DocuWare is based on a complex rights structure. Control what documents and metadata users can store, retrieve, edit, export, modify and remove from file cabintes. Encrypt sensitive data so it can't even be accessed by a system administrator.
  • Disaster recovery: Even the most robust data centers can fail in the face of natural disasters. Ensure business continuity with multiple secure, redundant backups that get your team back on its feet.
  • Compliance support: DocuWare brings clarity to your business processes and deeply supports HIPAA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory guidelines.

ORBL have been working in close partnership with DocuWare for over 10 years. During these time we have designed, implemented and supported our successful customer installations. From basic archives to full workflow systems and capture provision, get in touch to discuss any potential projects.

How to Successfully Introduce Docuware:

Take these 5 easy steps with ORBL and your company can quickly and safely benefit from digital document management.

  • Preparation
    Discuss which departments, document types, and processes offer the most potential for improvement.
  • Client Presentation
    We present features of DocuWare which are most relevant to your needs (based on our previous conversations). Together with your future users and decision makers, we will demonstrate how your company will benefit; a cost estimate will be provided. The preparation and client presentation are completely free.
  • Solution Workshop (optional)
    In cases with more expansive requirements, our consultants will work together with different individuals in your company to capture and document the details needed for your system/proposal. We will provide a cost estimate based on one to three days needed for this service.
  • Proposal and Purchase
    After the presentation or workshop, you will receive our detailed proposal in which the solution and benefits to be achieved are itemized. You can then decide if and when you plan on introducing document management.
  • Setup and Training
    After all this preparation, your DocuWare solution can typically go live in two to five days, which is used for installation, configuration and training.